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Added xslt profiling to PHP 5.3 and 6 CVS

After PHP 5.3 was branched (for making place for - among other new stuff - namespaces), it was finally time to put my XSLT profiling addition into the official PHP sources. From now on, if you check out the PHP_5_3 (or 6) sources, you'll be able to profile your XSLT transformations. The patch for PHP 5.2 is still available here.

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Maarten, 02.10.2007 08:16 CET

Very cool, thanks! :)

red, 02.10.2007 09:26 CET

Very nice! Could come in handy soon...

Alex@Net, 02.10.2007 11:12 CET

Thank you!

One question: Can the profile data be saved into the string or steam? Or only the file is allowed?


chregu, 02.10.2007 11:49 CET

It's only possible for files right now. I'd have to look into making it possible for streams as well, but it doesn't have a very high priority for me. Patches are welcome, of course :), 02.10.2007 14:03 CET (Trackback)

Adam, 20.11.2007 16:38 CET

You can't imagine how long I've been waiting for an XSLT profiler to be placed into the default arsenal of PHP! Some of the hosts who I have servers with refuse to install third-party plugins and so this will be a life saver.

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