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We are very proud to announce that our project iconomix is nominated for the "Master of Swiss Web 2008". Find out more at (in German) and vote for us!

We also have a second project - BXE 2.0 - on the general shortlist, but you can't vote for that. This year :)

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Yoan, 13.02.2008 23:47 CET

Oconomix is very nifty, I like the old gaming look and how you handles the non-JS usage.

You should try to avoid doing this:

span.invisible {
display: none;

.invisible is used for accessible links but they are hidden from the screen(reader). That don't make any sense to me? There is a recent and interesting article (from a colleague of mine) about that:

.accordion h2 {

The only "bad" experience I've seen without JS enabled.

A common practice is to have everything visible by default and collapse them dynamically (JS), you choose to do that server side which isn't "that" bad for a normal user who loves to click everywhere ;-)

Best of luck, There is no doubt that you can get another prize this year too.

-- Yoan

PS: I'm not sure you did the Front End stuff and handcrafted the HTML too, as you said that it's yours.

chregu, 14.02.2008 09:05 CET

Hi Yoan

Thanks for your extensive feedback. We will consider it.

And yes, we did the frontend and the HTML :)

Nehemia, 22.04.2008 15:20 CET


i like the layout from iconomix. the mouse-animations looks well and the categories are clearly arranged.
Nice page!

Greetings from Nehemia

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