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Planet PHP Sources now on GitHub

After Lukas asked me for the current Planet sources, I realized that I didn't really maintain the sources in the mentioned SVN repository anymore (for various reasons). So I decided to finally move them to GitHub. It makes much more sense there, since the most decent thing to do if you want to set up your own planet is to fork it and git (plus GitHub) makes that painlessly easy. Nevertheless I'm of course still interested in patches :)

Please be aware, that the code for the planets is pretty old, it uses a framework, which is declared deprecated and the code sometimes evolved a little bit too much (i.e. some refactoring wouldn't be too bad). You also may find files in the repository, which shouldn't belong there :) But OTOH, it's working day in, day out since ages and does what it's supposed to do.

The sources for Planet PHP are here:
The "fork" for Planet Switzerland is located in the blogug branch at

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