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PHP 5.6.0-alpha1 for php-osx released

The first alpha version for the next major PHP release was made available last week. A list of the new features is available at

To make it widely available and let people with OS X easily test their code against that new release, it’s now already available on

Go, get it and test your applications, and submit bug reports, if you hit something suspicious. This will help to make PHP 5.6.0 a stable release some time in the next months.

I couldn’t manage to get phpdbg compiled, therefore it’s not available yet. I didn’t try hard, will try again in the next release.

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Yosef (Israel), 16.02.2014 22:29 CEST

I think about idea that framework should be part of native PHP language 3.5 years.
This month when i really far a way from PHP somebody send me link to PHALCON - almost like my idea. I think also python and ruby should have native framework that will run much faster.
Today steps that PHP have to do to survive node.js/rails/python raise:
1. Phalcon should be integrated to be part of PHP 5.6 soon as possible - this will awake PHP from loose to ruby.
2. Also should be in 5.6 create functions instead today functions that will be consistent like in python- all this function should start with s_print, s_split_words() etc...
3. Add asynchronous native engine to PHP as NODE.JS
4. Take Facebook HipHop or like that engine and make it part of native PHP. Its big importance for ecommerce systems to compile code before deploy to production for prevent errors/warning/bugs in compile time and fix them before they will naybe discovered by users in run time. (It exist opinion of unit tests that prevent that - they not prevent this issues in views+ in agile project all time demands changes and write all time unit test that big part of him going to garbage make script programming slow vs C#/SCALA)

test keyword sequence, 26.02.2014 22:05 CEST

test keyword sequence

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