Bitflux Editor and PHP Documentation

sandro was faster, but I’ll say it here again nevertheless. The PHP documentation team decided today to give BXE a try to provide a real Web Application for the PHP documentation. As of today, writing PHP documentation needs you to use CVS, knowing Docbook and building it is not easy
either (on Windows even less..). This will improve in the short term with LiveDocs and in the longer term with providing a web interface for editing the PHP manual implementing the Bitflux Editor. It will be a big task, since it’s docbook and uses some special features (entities etc..), but I’m confident that BXE NG will this really make possible.

congratulation; this hopefully boosts that stuff.



BitFlux Editor goes PHP Documentation
According to Christian and Sandro the BitFlux Editor Next Generation will be used for PHP Documentation. This is very interesting because PHP Documentation is made in DocBook and the BitFlux Editor is a web-based XML-Editor for Mozilla….