Bitflux Technology @ Verkehrshaus

Yesterday, we finally delivered the new info screens to the Swiss Museum of Transport and Communication (aka Verkehrshaus der Schweiz).

It’s a system completely based on Free/Open Source software. It uses parts of the Bitflux CMS and of course a lot of Popoon. And Apache, Linux, PHP, MySQL and Mozilla. There are in total 12 screens (with a linux client attached), which can display up to date information about the currently running
movies/exhibitions and up to 4 movies (played with mplayer) or flash-movies (the only non FOSS-part…) on each screen. All output can be maintained with a web-interface and the screens can also be controlled from there (turning on/off and more). The system is intelligent enough to still work, if the network is turned off for whatever reason. And
with the nice and large Sony-Screens it just looks great ;)

The system was created together with OOS AG, our office neighbours.

If you want more information or are interested in such a system, just get in contact with us.

Update: As Philipp correctly pointed out, we also used Python (for the first time in a Bitflux project). It’s mainly used to control the large screens.

BitFlux @ Verkehrshaus Luzern
Congratulations to Christian and his fellows at bitflux GmbH who installed a info screen system based upon Open Source technologi

you didn’t mention python, in which I wrote one of my very first scripts for this project. python rulez :)