Bitflux Editor 0.9.3 released

We released Bitflux Editor 0.9.3.

Get it from
the download section
or test it at

Fixed Bugs since 0.9.2

  • deletion of selections does not clear the whole content anymore
  • encoding problem with non UTF-8 documents fixed (BXE now sends always UTF-8 encoded documents back)
  • RelaxNG parser recognizes different namespaces in included RelaxNG documents correctly
  • New inlineXHTML example. Uses XHTML instead of simplified Docbook for editing area.
  • Improved Examples. Although they still need further improvements. Planned for next release
  • Updated API Doc
  • non xhtml inline elements are treated correctly

The 0.9.x series are intented for bug testing until we release 1.0. There won’t be big new features until 1.0.

Thanks to the University of Zurich for a lot of bug fixing and reporting.

The main thing still pending is updating the examples and making them fully functional.

If you have questions, problems etc, just ask on ourMailing Lists

bitflux editor 0.9.3
chregu just released bitflux editor 0.9.3. we have been using it on a customer project, and it has come a…