Livesearch got keyboard access

The yesterday introduced incremental livesearch here on this page got now keyboard access. Go to the search field, search for something (without hitting return), and then use the up/down cursor keys and now hit return… Improves usability a looot, IMHO. Should work in Mozilla, Safari and IE, but bug reports are welcome ;)

Update: There’s now a LiveSearch Roundup and a wiki page for the whole project. Please visit them, if you’re further interested in the project.

This is brilliant.

Some small UI suggestions :

– You might want to change “Nothing found” by “No title found”, to indicate that the search was only performed on titles.

– You might want to add some depth (drop shadow ? different background color ?) to the result list, so it isn’t confused with the navigation below it.

– Ideally, the UP and DOWN keys should repeat if the user keeps the key pressed. I have no idea if it’s doable in JS or not (maybe with timers, etc ?).

Thanks for your feedback

– “Nothing found” is changed

– Yep, different background is needed, will make some tests to see what looks best

– key repeat: works on mozilla, couldn’t make it work for IE and Safari :(


Yeh, that is really VERY cool!

Hello, I port this feature as a
kwiki ( plugin.
And it works very fine.

Here’s my demostration of your LiveSearch
on kwiki:

Thanks for writing such a good program :)

You’ve got an issue when pressing the up arrow in IE 6 with debugging turned on. It throw an error with the isGecko function.


Thanks for the report, should be fixed now


It doesn’t work in Opera :O

Matt, you’re not the first to complain about that, but it’s is not fault ;)

See also where I answered that already

Here it’s killing(!) Mozilla (Both Firefox and 5.0)
Doesnt work in Galleon nor Konqueror…
Is it IE only?

Flavio, it works fine here on Mozilla and Firefox. It’s certainly not IE only ;) Konqueror does not work, AFAIK.

I looked through the code and it looks fantastic. I’ve perused the code a few times over to make sure i got how it worked, but I have one stumper. why do we need the line:


first, what does grab.send() do, and why must it send a null?

I’m sorry, in my last comment i used “grab”… you had it as:


again, sorry about that…


null means that there’s no content in the request… you could add here some content, for example the search string instead of adding that to the GET query string.

Hope that helps

oh, so are you saying that you could do a“GET”,”thephpfile.php”);


Very cool

err… anybody got my last message?

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seems livesearch has stooped working with Safari and OmniWeb but still OK with Firefox and Camino on OS X 10.3.9

Any body seen this lately ??

Still works for me here in Safari 2.0.3.