LiveSearch roundup

Boah, the feedback to my LiveSearch (and keyboard addition) thing was just unbelievable. We had over 3300 visitor on Friday alone (compared to the usual 1500 a day), never so many comments and a lot of people blogged about it. Jeff Menard even made it
more modular and published as well his results.

Didn’t think, that this will make such an impact and therefore we decided to make a little “real” project out of it. I have set up a Wiki Page with some overview and furher information. The page is not really finished and will certainly be expanded, but your contributions are always welcome.
Depending on the feedback, we will provide a Subversion Repository and a Mailinglist for it. Please use the Talk/Discussion page on the wiki for adding comments, suggestions, questions to the project

But now I like to clarify some questions asked in the comments:

* It runs on IE, Mozilla/Firefox and Safari (1.2 only AFAIK). It sometimes crashes Firefox completely, couldn’t figure out why and where…

* I’m not the first implementing that ;) I did see similar stuff before and I’m certainly not claiming to be the inventor of that “technique” (but I’m using XMLHttpRequest since years in the Bitflux Editor)

* Apple did also not invent it, they just inspired me to actually do it .

* Microsoft was the original creator of XMLHttpRequest, the others (Mozilla and Safari) took later their API and implemented it.

* It’s possible to do something similar with iframes, but XMLHttpRequest gives you more possibilities and is more powerful (see the wiki for more info about that)

* It only searches the titles right now, but expanding it to a full text search would be possible. I’d just have to change the SQL query on the server.

Hope to hear more from you and hope it’s useful for others as well.

great idea – not new but congratulations for actually doing it nicely. You might want to see for something similar…

Very cool javascript use !!!!!!!!!!!

Changes to this Blog
Over the last couple of days I implemented a couple of changes in this blog:Updated to Serendipity 0.6.8-CVS and enabled the new LiveSearch feature that was originally developed by Christian Stocker and integrated into Serendipity by Garvin Hicking.Made u

Andrew Gregory wrote a script that emulates Gecko’s XMLHttpRequest() in Opera.

I’ve used it to provide drop-in Opera coverage. It’s not perfect, and it does introduce some dependancies(like Java!) and limitations, but for most cases, it’s more than adequate

I would sure like to know how u did the keyboard

Using this great script as a base, I’ve made a version which works on Opera 7+, Gecko browsers and IE 5+. It also has pageable results with keyboard nav using left and right keys. I’ve also extended the architecture behind it using XML which makes it possible to have multiple skinnable elements on one page. The architecture also supports plugins
which I call services. More details and demos can be found on my post on my site (

thats not all that crashes on firefox… tons of pages just shift left and right and make it very unpleasant to use. more and more people are not using firefox until they correct this.


your scripts for live search are very cool, everything works, except the key navigation. Could you please better explain how to use these lines of code:

Thank you very much,