PHP De Luxe – PHP5 Edition

After the huge success of PHP de Luxe (it is almost sold out), we decided to write a second edition focused mainly on PHP 5. And “we” this time were not only Richard Samar and me, but also Andre Gildemeister, Matthias Lehm and Hannes Gassert, therefore expect also some new input in the book. It should be in
print now and available sometime in September.

And Hannes did already a very good description of what’s in the book, therefore I just point you now to his page (and maybe we can keep him being the most visited Kaywa Blog this way ;) )

Oh, cool… I loved your first PHP de Luxe book, and I think I will also love your new book ;)

Thanks a lot for your good job in the PHP-XML-World ;)

well, maybe yuo can byte the bullet and answer this questions:

regarding OO in php5:
– are classes objects ?
– are classes locked or open (like ruby,smalltalk)?
– can you define your own metaclasses or
– can you control the allocation+initialization of an object (like python,ruby,smalltalk) or just init like java?
– can you do mixin programming in php5 ?
– how good is the performance of runtime class checking of arguments to methods?
– there are nifty tricks to make it faster than an attribute lookup at any call?
– there is difference beetween base types and objects?

@verbat: I started trying to answer your questions over at onlamp. The short answer is: NO! :)

@verbat once again: What do you think about