meeting 2/2004: the battle of the books

The PHP Usergroup Switzerland invites to its next usermeeting, bigger than ever and with a lot of people of the PHP scene.

Battle of the Books
Two brand new (german) books about PHP 5 face each other in public:

Roaring Regexps
A tutorial about Regular Expressions by Derick Rethans, core developer of PHP, xdebug and much more .

The usual stuff. Meet and talk to other PHP developers. Due to the fact, that OSCOM starts the next day, even more international PHP developers will be present at this meeting.

Place: etoy.TANK-PLANT4, MFO-Park, Oerlikon, Zurich Nord.
Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2004, 18:00

Everyone’s invited, from beginners to experts, and members as well as non-members.

More info (in german) at the phpug blog and please leave a comment in the forum, if you’d like to come.