F.U.D. – co-starring me ;)

Michael (2x), Gregor and me rented a car yesterday and went to the “desert” to film for their documentary movie FUD, which will be about the open source community. We didn’t make it out of the suburbs, but had a great view over Las Vegas by Night (pictures will be online, when I’m on a decent internet connection again). There, Michael interviewed me about my Open Source involvement with Las Vegas in the background. Didn’t see the video yet, but I think, it will look pretty cool. I’m not sure, if my answers were that cool, but getting blinded by the car light (as an provisional light for the camera) didn’t help, either ;) There’s already a trailer about that movie (without me in it, of course), and AFAIK they will put it online some time. I’m looking forward to that film, the trailer certainly makes appetite for more.

ApacheCon is almost over, only my two talks aren’t over yet. But the first one starts in about 50 minutes. And then it will already be my last night in Vegas as I will fly back to Zurich tomorrow morning. Was certainly a great conference with a lot of interesting and funny people and I had a really good time