LiveSearch implemented in Google

See for yourself ->

It’s the same technique as LiveSearch, just with a far more powerful search engine behind ;)

Very nice indeed. It doesn’t do a full google search however, just try to search for a very unique word: It won’t complete it. They probably took the most popular queries that fit into RAM :-)


I don’t understand exactly what is included and what is excluded from the suggestion index. The number of results doesn’t seem to be a factor. Maybe something like the added page rank of the sites beggining with the given string ? (just thinking out loud)

Maybe someone is bored and translates their javascript into something readable:


It seems the httpRequest object is going mainstream.

Google’s “suggest” has still some issues with special keys (tab, backspace …), at least in my computer, which unfortunatly has a lot of issues by itself :)

One thing I miss is that when using this technique I can’t see the browser’s own autocompletion, which I really like since many times I tend to search again and again the same stuff.
They could store my searches in a cookie and prioritize them when showing the suggestions, putting them at the top of the list in bold would be great.

Maybe I’m mistaken but it seems there is a big difference between livesearch and google suggest.
Google suggest is displaying suggestions based on other peoples searches and the number of times a word or phrase has been searched for. Where livesearch is displaying actual search results as you type.
This is why it appears that google doesn’t do a full search.

I don’t know if you know, but your live search has a bug: Just type a keyword with no result (I tried “jre”) and press return:

“Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘BxPageNotFoundException’ with message ‘archive/?q=jre was not found.’ in …”

It really is quite cool, though.

Gerd: It’s not LiveSearch, which has a bug, but the Blog software, which throws an exception, if no entry is found, have to fix this..

Thanks for the hint.

They already have a proof of concept firefox extension for google suggest: . Still has some issues but pretty cool for a late night hacking session.

Heh, Google Suggest doesn’t even have working keyboard repeat :/ Just try holding the cursor-down key. Pffft…

I tried to make some simultaneous connection and it is problems with it. It seem to me that browser limit connections, that can be open on client side with such approach.