lots.bitflux.ch – OpenBlog during LOTS

Bitflux together with delicate and the LOTS committee will provide an OpenBlog during this years LOTS. There will be 2 boxes at the event and an open admin interface, where everyone within the university can blog about the event. Additionally,
there’s also the possibility to moblog pictures by email or MMS.

And we aggregate the del.icio.us tag “lots.ch“, which will be displayed on the page. If you have an interesting link somehow related to lots.ch, just tag it with “lots.ch” and the link will show up on the OpenBlog.

If you have anything to say during LOTS or just want to provide summaries of speeches or publishing links to more information, the LOTS OpenBlog is the perfect place for that. Have fun.

Here’s the official announcement in German:

Free Speech. Blogging bringt Informationen direkt von der Quelle – schneller als Printmedien und schonungsloser als Werbung. LOTS OpenBlog, mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Bitflux, erlaubt allen Besuchern, ihre Gedanken und Meinungen zu Referaten, dem Event und Speakern direkt der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Zu diesem Zweck stehen 2
OpenBlog Boxes im Foyer und dem Kuppelraum zur Verfügung. Blog it. Let people know.

Update: We will also have trackbacks implemented until then, so if you have your own blog and want to say something about LOTS, you can just trackback one of our entries (as long as your software supports it).