Planet PHP FAQ

Someone asked us per email: “How are blogs selected for Planet PHP? “. So here’s a little FAQ about that. I’ll put that later somewhere on Planet PHP, just too lazy right now.

* Who’s behind it?

Mainly Tobias Schlitt and me. The PHP Group has nothing to do with it.

* How are blogs selected for Planet PHP?

There’s no real policy behind it. If we find an interesting blog or someone sends us one, then we have a look at it, and if it has unique content or is a well-known php-developer, we add it. We’re not very picky, but prefer personal blogs over project blogs and blogs of people, we heard before over complete strangers ;)

We also usually just take PHP related content from those blogs. This generally means, that we aggregate the PHP category feed of it, as the usual Planet PHP reader is not interested in the well-beings of your cat ;) Most weblog software supports that nowadays.

* Can you put the author names to the title in the RSS feeds?

Use the RSS 0.92 feed, it has the author name in the title field, the other 2 feeds use the dc:creator field. For a more detailed discussion of this, see another blog post by me.

* How can I add my blog to planet php?

Use the submit form, with the link to your blog and to your PHP related and valid RSS feed. is a pretty good feed validator, btw. If you don’t hear anything back from us within some days, just send it again. Sometimes some mails just get lost in the INBOXes…

* X published Y on Planet PHP, which has nothing to do with PHP.

So what? First, it really happens not often, so we can definitively live with that. And second, we don’t have controls over the authors and we do really not want to check posts all the time and delete the ones, which may offend or bore people.

* How does it work?

We have a list of RSS Feeds. A custom script – with the help of MagpieRSS – checks them every half hour and inserts any new posts into our database, which is then displayed with the help of Popoon (therefore no need to check Planet PHP more than every half hour ;))
and some other magic

* Can I get the software?

Sure. But only via Subversion from

* Do you want to hear feedback?

Of course we do. Be it suggestions or something else, just write us (or put it in the comments here)

Update: First suggestion by Wez. Truncate too long entries. We do that now, if the entry is longer than 3500 chars, we snip it and add an additional link to the original post.

Another idea, is to check the permalinks and identify duplicate entries, removing the old one when a latter one is found.

– Davey

There’s no double post problem ;) We check for permalinks and update entries if it already exists. The problem is that sometimes people post the same content with different URLs (eg, they start with it, delete it and write it again later…)

Hi everybody,

decade celebrations for php???????????????

See what I got when I tried to telnet to PlanetPHP using HTTP/1.0:

> telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
GET /rss/ HTTP/1.0

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:33:15 GMT
Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) DAV/2 PHP/5.0.5-dev
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.0.5-dev
Content-Length: 149
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_HOST in /www-data/kunden/bitflux/free/cms/tmp/ on line 5

not defined
Connection closed by foreign host.

Also, what happens when I search for ‘ (I mean single ‘)?
For some reason it doesn’t even show “No more entries”. And if I search for ” (double ‘) – it shows this message. Looks like a problem with escaping characters in query.

Tony: Thanks for the reports. I fixed both (for the first not a real fix, there’s now just a message, that we don’t support HTTP 1.0, since it’s all Virtual Host based…)

Yup, works fine now =)
The HTTP/1.0 problem is not a real one, I just wanted to point on the error message (that shouldn’t be visible at all IMO).

The planet won’t work at the moment!

Thanks for the message, fixed now.

Your welcome, perhaps you can check this in the repository. Try to set up my own planet and have now the same problem.

Sure and done :)

Hey folks,

I’m intrigued, why does planet php depend on OpenID??
Secondly, on that note:
Error validating server certificate for ‘’:
– The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
– The certificate hostname does not match.
– The certificate has expired.
Certificate information:
– Hostname:
– Valid: from Oct 17 06:25:58 2005 GMT until Apr 15 06:25:58 2006 GMT
– Issuer:, Root CA
– Fingerprint: a9:8a:50:1c:c0:76:f2:b3:8e:de:31:c8:3b:fc:7a:af:6d:a7:dc:96

Seeing as it’s the same domain, just a different subdomain, I’ll accept temporarily, but I’d appreciate it if you could update whatever necessary.

(By the way, CACert, nice!!! :-). You guys use a lot of good software… )

I have this error, any idea about? thanks.

Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘popoon_pool’ in /home/castello/public_html/inc/ on line 12

Aitor– You need PHP5 enabled, as popoon_pool is autoloaded. Also be sure to have MDB2 (and the DB driver) installed.

A small enhancement request: sort by name the list of aggregated blogs in the right-hand column (html view)

I have this error when I try to import the feeds with the libs/scripts/aggregate.php script:

Get new Blog: Planet PHP
Fatal error: Cannot use object of type MDB2_Error as array in libsaggregator.php on line 109

PHP : 5.2.2
MDB2 : 2.4.2
Any idea about? thanks.

I think as planet-php grows, both in viewers and blogs aggregated, it might be a nice idea to allow some rudimentary tagging or categorization of the blogs/posts available.

The sheer number of posts can be overwhelming at this point, especially if you’re not interesting in a specific topic (a framework or security or whatnot) – would be nice to chop things up a bit (and only get the security feed or framework feed or whatnot) Would also help with those screaming “this isn’t php related”.

Anyway, my feature request.

hello! I have this error, any idea about?

Warning: popoon_sitemap_outputcache::require_once(Cache/Output.php) [function.popoon-sitemap-outputcache-require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/ on line 91

Fatal error: popoon_sitemap_outputcache::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘Cache/Output.php’ (include_path=’/www/’) in /www/
on line 91


Versuche unter obiger URL eure Software zu installieren. Erhalte folgende Fehlermeldung: Message: Something went wrong with tidy initialisation. Maybe you didn’t enable ext/tidy in your PHP installation. Either install it or remove the tidy transformer from your sitemap.xml

Tatsache ist, dass ext/tidy nicht installiert ist… Wie entferne ich den tidy transformer? Meines Erachtens habe ich das korrekt gemacht (Löschung von type tidy in sitemap xml) (?) Erhalte aber immer noch obige Fehlermeldung. Auch danach erfolgte Löschung von Dateien im tmp-Verzeichnis brachte nichts… Außer das die Dateien jetzt dort futsch
sind… Wäre nett, wenn Ihr mir helfen könnte… Grüße aus München von Gabi

Habe nun inc/deletecache.php ablaufen lassen. Hmh.. Erhalte nun eine neue Fehlermeldung:
Fatal error: Class ‘popoon_components_transformers_’ not found in /is/htdocs/wp1142340_OYHF3CAFBD/www/phpblogstars/tmp/_is_htdocs_wp1142340_OYHF3CAFBD_www_phpblogstars_sitemap_sitemap.xml on line 753

Is there an OMPL file available for the feeds on Planet PHP?

The submission form on is broken, could you add my rss or atom feed to