Apple switches to Intel

yeah, nothing you can read on other sites as well. I don’t really care, if they use Intel Chips instead of PPC, as long as it runs smoothly. The only bad thing for me about that is, that I sooner than later need a new notebook, ’cause mine is falling apart. But I’m not in the mood to pay 3000+ CHF for a new one now, which is somehow outdated
a year or so and only slightly faster than what I have currently… Or I wait until next summer and live with what I have. crap ;)

Maybe I just buy one of those G5 iMac for my daily development needs in the office, seems like the best bang-for-bucks currently. And I already ordered a faster harddrive for my powerbook, hopefully this will speed it up also a little bit
won’t help for the falling-apart part…)

And no, switching back to Linux isn’t an option for me, let alone the other widely used Operating System :)

drop me a mail if u r interested in a PB G4 1.5ghz 80GB 15″ ~2.5k

regards sandro

This definitely is the biggest problem abotu this transition: when to buy new hardware and if you do, how much to pay for it… at least until next year.

for some reason this switch to intel inside [- idiot outside] does scare me, but its prolly irrational. and i agree with the hardware problem.
on the positive side it kinda confirms my recent G5 iMac-as-a-transitional-solution buy. now i just wonder if this means i am stuck to this desk much longer than i hopped i would. laptops are TEH coolestest. i even used take mine into the tub. so to speak…

To buy the iMac is the best thing you can do. And, if you need to carry it around it’s not much heavier than a PowerBook/Laptop ;-) Save money and get a life!