Swiss Top 100 Blogs

… according to Technorati :)

Inspired by this and this post by I wrote a little script, which takes all Swiss blogs listed on and queried them against the Technorati API for getting the number of blogs linking to them, the number of total links and the “technorati rank”.

At the end, I had a nice little list with which Swiss blogs are most linked internationally. No wonder 3 of the top 5 are written in English and the other 2 in French. And the first german one, number 6 Alles wird gut, I never heard of :)

The output of the script is just hardcoded html and I have to start the whole script it by hand. If there’s demand for it, I can improve it, make a nicer design and regularly ask Technorati for the inbound links. I won’t be able to query it more than every second day (soon), since Technorati only allows 500 queries a day against their REST API, and currently there are approx. 450 blogs listed on… But that would be anyway more than enough, even on a weekly basis should be sufficient, since the list won’t change that often. Btw, I used the Services_Technorati package from PEAR for the querying part, which had some little quirk, but were easy to fix.

That today is Swiss National Holiday is pure coincidence :)

Update: Urks, forgot to post the actual link to the list. Here it is: (may change in the future…)

Umm, where’s the page?

(I turned off link underlining in my browser and now can’t see the difference between links and text in your posts.)

Ooops, really forgot to added that link… Added now.

But why would you “turn off link underlining in my browser ” without adding at least another way to recognize links? Am I the only one which uses only underlying for making links visible?

Hey, totally neat idea!

Are those only links from other blogs, or “self-links” too?

< number of blogs linking to them, the number of total links and the “technorati rank”

How about putting that on the ranks page?

Matthias: I forgot to re-add the header of that table, which explains which column means what. Fixed now. And you have to ask Technoraty how they actually count the links. I don’t know :)

You’ve been working hard! I find all this data interesting but wonder how Technorati work out my inbound and outbound links – I only have about 22 outbound links to other blogs – but they reckon I have about 76. And they say that 78 blogs link to me but I know that at least 158 blogs link to me through without counting links that I
have from blogger,, typepad etc etc.

heather, maybe most of the blogs from aren’t indexed by technorati. No idea why, but this may be the reason. And for outbound links, they count also links which you made in posts weeks/months ago, not only those on the first page, at least as far as I know.

Don’t you have to add yourself to the Technorati-index? Or do they index you now automatically?

Re: Link underlining: Most pages in the web are using color to distinguish text from links, so removing the style leaves you with recognisable links. Usually. Underlining is actually a bad idea for lisibility.

jaja, auch das schweizer blog panorama erweitert sich :o)

hey Chregu
What a nice service.
Even the ranking gives the idea to write in english, my blog stays written in german… I like to understand even word by word my own thinkings – and I want to give a chance to manage it also for the readers. My english is definitly not fit enough to do so.
I think I will put on a link of your list on my blog – please let me know if the URL should change.

Ich danke dir für Deine Arbeit – und auch hier bewundere ich die Programmierkenntnisse!

Liebe Grüsse

Eine gute Idee wäre di Sprache zu trennen. Für die Minderheit gibt es fast keine Chance in der Top 100 zu kommen.

Pinoccio: Das musste mit Matthias von besprechen, solange wir da keine infos kriegen, welcher Blog zu welcher Sprache gehört, können wir das auch nicht machen. Zudem ist weder Deutsch, Französisch noch Italienisch im globalen Internet ne wirkliche Minderheitensprache (oder hast du nen Blog in Rumantsch :) ). Die Verlinkung wird ja global
gezählt, nicht nur von Schweizer Blogs.

any clue why I’m not listed?

ok it’s fine now… technorati troubles

Das mit der Sprache… ich hab über 500 Blogs in der DB, aber davon geben nur 10 Feeds die Sprache an. Das alles von Hand nachzutragen ist mir zu blöd, ehrlich gesagt.

Nebenbei bemerkt hab ich nur ca. 4 italienisch schreibende Blogs in meiner DB, da macht z.B. ein “Top 100 Swiss Italian Blogs” nicht unbedingt viel her :-)

Actually is not a Swiss blog (therefore I asked Matthias to delete it from the database) – and its “blogtress” live in the middle of Germany ;).

Congratulations! It would be nice to add a column with the blog language(s)

Seit der Neugestaltung der Seite kann man meinen link nicht mehr sehen…schade ;-(

Beat: Ist geflickt.

Herzlichen Dank Chregu!

A propos Top 100 Italian… gibt’s jetzt, einfach auf den ganzen italienischen Sprachraum bezogen:

Und wenn mein &!çç* – host in den USA nicht endlich mein geliebtes wieder hochfährt (die haben eine kaputte HD ersetzen müssen), gehe ich noch an Blog-Anämie ein!

My previous post is corrupted :( I’m as owner intrested in this script. Where I can get one?

speaking of swiss blogs: i run a european city blog and am looking for someone to blog about zurich in english – culture, politics, zueri duetsch, you get the idea. if anyone is interested or can point me to potentially interested bloggers – contact me! Thanks. You can check out shortcut here:

After registering I would like to claim my web log, but cannot find it anywhere on Topblogs my web log, nor can I find a link to claim it.

How do I have to proceed? Step by step please, since I am technically underdeveloped.

If one thinks, I need further information, please provide them – THANKS!

Please help!