Geolocation annotated blog posts with Flux CMS

Benjamin and I we’re working on Geolocation support for Flux CMS resp. its blog plugin last week.

You can now either use Plazes for automatically geoannotate your blog posts (like this one) or you can use the tagging system for places where Plazes is not suitable, like if you are on a mobile network. As you can now also tag your posts via mail/mms, you can copy&paste your longitude/latitude data from a gps device into your posts and then the blogpost is automatically annotated. Also in the RSS feed, of course.

More about the Plazes support can be read in this devblog post, and more about the moblogging part in that devblog post.

Plazes wird in letzter Zeit recht gehypt. Konkret geht es dabei um einen Service um sich mit Hilfe der MAC-Adresse des nächsten aktiven Internetknotenpunktes zu lokalisieren. Inzwischen hat der S …

Hey, We are working on the project using geolocation trying to move from the maximind database to their own. I will post some info on this on my blog