Planet PHP Update

I finally implemented a long requested feature for Planet PHP. It now shows the name of the blog owner instead of the (sometimes quite meaningless) blog title. Other Planets doing that since quite some time, it was overdue that we also do that. For blogs having quite a different name than that of the author, it shows this additionally in parenthesis. The different feeds are also updated to reflect this (we use the dc:creator field for that, except in the RSS 0.92 feed, where there’s no such field).

Hope this makes it easier to see at first glance who wrote what. And if you have any further wishes or ideas for Planet PHP, just write us a mail, and we’ll see, what we can do.

Update: I realized, that not all feedreaders are capable of showing the dc:creator field. What a shame. Complain to your vendor if that’s the case ;) Or use the  Planet PHP RSS 0.91 feed, where we added the author name to the entry title.  I like the approach with dc:creator much more than adding them to the title, therefore I won’t change the RSS 1.0 and Atom feed.

Hackergotchis could be nice for recognizing who’s talking better both on Planet and in conferences.

See examples like: