Stay away from the net today

Just go outside, enjoy the sun or do something else useful :)

The net is a waste of time today, and the day didn’t even really start in the US …

Bitflux has a a good post today. I simply quote what they said on this April 1st: Just go outside, enjoy the sun or do something else useful :)The net is a waste of time today, and the day didn’t

Was wirklich schade ist – die Zend Framework Mailing Liste geht ausgerechnet heute nicht – ich poste mal hier meine Mail von heute in der Hoffnung es ermöglicht jemanden sie rechtzeitig zu lesen ;):

I was a bit sleepless so I had time to make an auto-detection for mail settings. That should come handy and helps making that part of the framework even more config less.

The changes to the code I posted the last time are minimal. The new code is under, the diff, an example and its source If
you look at the example you’ll find a debug message just to show what it has found.

Now some more info. First I added an auto-discovery for mail hosts in the local net. It starts with the localhost and looks around to find a POP3 host. If you want a specific host you can extend the class and it uses the class name for finding the correct host. BTW it also searches via Bonjour.

Also if you don’t give it a username it’ll try some common username like ‘root’ or ‘test’ so it’s easy to start working with the classes. If you don’t assign a password libcrack is used to find the right password.

My tests were fine and I also had some funny experiences. While testing it with a random class name it found a mail server in Japan (seems like it matched an international domain name) with some photos of a real hot porn model.

Nico, I don’t get. You just took the first PHP related blog and posted your Zend Framework stuff here, just because their mailinglist is down???

Please just get yourself a blog and publish such stuff there :) I’m not even interested in the Zend Framework (and never wrote about it, either)

I’m sorry. Just remove it if you want to. Together with you were the only one of “PHP fame” posting anything releated to aprils fool’s day. If I could I’d just post links, but it seems like that won’t be possible today. I can’t remove my posts myself so just do it.

Nico: No no, I don’t have to delete it .) Just wanted to point out, that it was a kind of strange post (as I mainly complained about the whole Aprils Fools mayhem happening every year..)

Ok got it – there’s complaining and “complaining”. I thought you meant the second, because there’s that humor tag. Maybe it’s because I’m from Vienna and part of our humour is to say the opposite of what you mean.

Outside is not safe either… word is going around that a new law being put into effect on April 1st will mean that all convertable owners wear helmets…