Want to work @ Bitflux?

Due to the still increasing demand of our services, Bitflux is looking for an experienced* PHP/XSLT developer. The main task for you would be working on our clients projects and developing the Flux CMS. But other interesting areas are waiting for you.

Must have:

  • Strong skills in PHP 5, especially XML and OO related issues.
  • Skills in XSLT (or at least looked at it or heard of it :) )
  • Knowledge in webstandards (CSS, Xhtml, DOM, etc.)
  • Be able to work at our office in Zurich most of the time.
  • Fluent in German

Nice to have and bonus points:

  • Project Management Experience
  • Very good JavaScript/AJAX knowledge.
  • Having worked on Open Source projects.
  • Good English skills.

Basically, if you are good in anything regularly written about on this blog, you have a big advantage.

We offer an open work environment, where sharing know-how and work with others is self-evident.

Start is as soon as possible.

Please send your application to work@bitflux.ch. By email is enough, we’re not big fans of dead trees aka real paper. And if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us or meet us at #bitflux on irc.freenode.ch.

  • With experienced we don’t mean 5 years of work experience or so, but experience with PHP and OO in some real world project. Our last new employee, Tobi, for example mainly just did PHP/AJAX in his spare time, which was more than enough to count as experienced :)