webtuesday: tilllate.com: Von 0.1 auf 30 Server

Tomorrow, another webtuesday:

http://ch.tilllate.com ist mit 100 Mio. Pageviews und 1 Mio Besucher im Monat eine der grössten Web-Plattformen der Schweiz. Die Website ist aus 60’000 Zeilen Code und 430 Datenbank-Tabellen aufgebaut. Die 100 Mio. Pagevies werden durch ein Cluster an über 30 Server ausgeliefert. Software und Infrastruktur wir durch 5 Entwickler und Ingenieure betreut. Stefan (System Engineer) und ich (CTO) werden Euch über Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen im Aufbau aus technischer Sicht präsentieren.

More info here and this time at the search.ch office with drinks afterwards (as usual) :)

And if you’re interested in our job-to-have and you have some questions about it, just come and talk to us (yes, we’re still looking).

By the way: We may have a new “member”. Lukas Smith of MDB2 and PEAR fame, which recently started his now job here in Zurich. Welcome :)

(Just to avoid misunderstandings, there’s no membership needed to come to a webtuesday talk, it’s open to anyone. There even aren’t any memberships, it’s a very informal thing)

PS: You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed at upcoming.org, if you want to be informed earlier in the future :)

Just to make sure… presentations are in german right ?

Interesting… depending on my email address my comment is considered as “blogspam”, let me know if you want more details (of course feel free to delete this off-topic comment)

Jerome: Yes, the presentations are normally in german, but if we have a well-enough speaking english speaker, we can ask, if he’d like to do it english :)

And about the comment spam, *I* didn’t put the kaywa domains into my blacklist :)
But whenever you used the kaywa email or the kaywa domain, akismet thought, this is spam. Are you a spammer behind the doors? :)

Too bad for the webtuesday… I guess I know what I have to do :-)

Not a spammer (afaik)… will check with Matt. Thanks.

> Too bad for the webtuesday… I guess I know what I have to do :-)

Sure, just give a talk and the problem is solved :)

Addition: And to the general problem: It’s hard enough to find a speaker for every month, so we don’t want to put more restriction (has to do it english) on them. But if the speaker is confident in english, why not do it in that language to reach out to more people.