Upload Progress Meter finally in PECL

After some tweaking, code improvements and remote code execution vulnerability fixes, I finally put the uploadprogress extension into PECL.

We are using the extension on the (soon to come) next update of local.ch, therefore it already got some real life testing and it seems to work pretty well.

And for all those wanting a dll for Windows, I won’t try to make those, as I don’t have a Windows development environment and even if I had, I have no clue about how those things are working on Windows :) But the sources are there, I’m sure someone will step up and provide patches.

Well done! Congrats!

Is there any documentation (or even a README.txt) on how to use the extension once installed?

I have the same question. Is their any documentation, howto, or example somewere ?

It looks like a lot of good things for Win32 compatability has been updated in the PECL posting. Hopefully we should soon have a good pecl4win binary!

as far as examples, Christain has mentioned in his other post, that using the example listed at:

changing the function name “upload_progress_meter_get_info()” to “uploadprogress_get_info()” should be sufficient to get a practical example running, reverse engineering that into your own until someone writes up some documentation.

In the past few weeks I was mainly busy creating the new local.ch market. It’s actually in cooperation with Fundgrueb, a very well known and traditional classifieds newspaper in the German part of Switzerland. I created a longer posting on the local

Nice job. It’s a very cool thing. I would really like to know how to implement it on my site.

Great work!



tried it now, and after some starting problems (hadn’t set max_upload_size,memory_limit and max_post_size to higher values so that uploadprogress_get_info(9 always returned NULL) it works great, thanks for your great extension !


I am a huge fan of your extension. Thanks for building it. However, I am on shared hosting, and my host is unwilling to install the extension until it is out of beta. Do you have any idea if or when the extension could be listed as ‘stable’?

Many thanks…

This seems really useful and simple – just what I need at the moment. I installed the extension successfully in php 5.2.4. However, I am getting the red ‘Maybe it really does not work’ on the example and no progress info. Is there any info or help anywhere on installing/debugging; or any prerequisites for it to work?

demo pleeease

don’t work for me neither. please give example