If you spill coffee on your MacBook Pro …

… and some keys don’t work anymore afterwards, don’t bother trying to clean it :) You can take the keyboard apart to a great extend (see this guide for some info) and even put it back together so that it still works. But you can’t get to the actual conducting paths which got dirty during the accident, as they are sealed between two plastic sheets. The coffee must have gotten there through some capillary attraction… One learns something new every day.

Anyway, ordered a new keyboard (which by the way not every mac shop in town is willing to give you) and use an external keyboard until that on arrives :)

Thanks for the tip! I’ll save myself the time and just order a new keyboard.

I spilled coffee on mine yesterday. I was hoping it would dry out OK, but I have to use an external keyboard because I’m missing one shift, a 9 and o!

true, AND check if u can type your login PASSWORD before RESTART the computer. I opened the mac, took out the keyboard, and painfully clean layer by layer. Nothing, it didn’t work. So in fact u don’t need to take out the keyboard but only the keys and the plastic below it, and after one layer there is the circuit (the one with the dark lines). So
i manage to take out the plastic (destroying it) covering the bad key and with a cable i managed to reestablish contact just enough to type a missing “m” for my password. Now i’m using keyboard viewer to survive. I lost: 6,y,h,m and home.

so, got too drunk playing starcraft2 and spilled beer on my keys… took it apart and still the aswdexz keys wont work :( shame… i’m a broke student and now i need to spend more bank on a new mac keyboard haha… thanks for the heads up, because i was about to bring it to repair at the mac store