Write about our job offerings, win a liiPod

As you may have realized, we’re looking for new software developers. To get the word out, we’d like to do a little raffle. The rules are simple:

  • Write something (meaningful) about our job offerings and link to http://www.liip.ch/company/jobs/
  • Do this until Sunday Midnight 10 June 2007.
  • Make sure we know about your post, either via a trackback to this post here, via planet.blogug.ch or technorati

We then raffle liiPod minis among the posts made and if we find someone through your blog post, we will send you an even bigger liiPod plus a surprise as our thanks to you. Let the writing begin :)

Time is up. Who won the liiPod? And have you got any CVs and feedback?

We will do a very short raffle tomorrow at the webtuesday :)

And we got some CVs and feedback, but not obvious ones directly from blog posts.