Added xslt profiling to PHP 5.3 and 6 CVS

After PHP 5.3 was branched (for making place for – among other new stuff – namespaces), it was finally time to put my XSLT profiling addition into the official PHP sources. From now on, if you check out the PHP_5_3 (or 6) sources, you’ll be able to profile your XSLT transformations. The patch for PHP 5.2 is still available here.

Very cool, thanks! :)

Very nice! Could come in handy soon…

Thank you!

One question: Can the profile data be saved into the string or steam? Or only the file is allowed?


It’s only possible for files right now. I’d have to look into making it possible for streams as well, but it doesn’t have a very high priority for me. Patches are welcome, of course :)

You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for an XSLT profiler to be placed into the default arsenal of PHP! Some of the hosts who I have servers with refuse to install third-party plugins and so this will be a life saver.