Lift08 – Day 03 – The Web and entreprises Track

Kevin Marks

David Sadigh

Extended sales pitch for holistis, waste of time mostly. I don’t trust his numbers, rather difficult to judge, though. He’s right that mobile media usage is to boost personalization.

David Marcus (Zong, ‘The Open Mobile Platform’)

David on ‘The Mobile Opportunity’. How big an opportunity is that? Currently: 1.3b internet users, 3.2b mobile users. 25 new mobile phone subscribers per second in China alone – personal mass media, and a huge content business (and there everybody pays for everything – why is that?). These 2 worlds, monetization through advertising is much harder. And there’s the 1000 clients problem, which this guy promises to solve.
Predicts a paradigm shift: mobile operators as content providers won’t work. ITMS & Co., but also Qik and friends – interactive multicasting.
Mass market monetization of such stuff? Case studies:, .. the cloud.. facebook apps?
And now: world-changing Zong, promising to take multi-device/multi-protocol/multi-device complexity out of mobile app dev.

Kevin Marks (Google)

On Google Open Social, that framework for building cross-site social apps. On URLs are people, too, the Social Graph, social network fatigue (more friending networks than friends), etc. “Take your application to where the people are” with Open Social. Second speaker quoting Danah Boyd today, on the complexity of relationships in online social networks. Showing many sweet graphs such as a Pride and Prejudice Character Map and explaining intricacies, and connecting the issues with online networks. Can all this be actually mapped to software, can managing trust, friendship and social context actually externalised? Open Social tries to abstract away social network handling complexities away, but remember these things are all.. very touchy-feely human.

François Grey (CERN)

From volunteer computing (like Folding@home etc.) to volunteer thinking, engaging both scientists and the public – “citizen cyber science”. Examples: GalaxyZoo, Herbaria@Home, etc. This is not reCaptcha or crowdsourcing (Mechanical Turk etc.), this is actual science done by everybody. See also: Africa@Home and AfricaMap. What matters is passion, not degrees.