Mobile World Congress 2011

I spent Monday and Tuesday in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. It’s Europe’s must-attend annual gathering of the mobile industry. Spread over four days, usually over 50’000 people visit it.

On day one, i explored the massive exhibition area looking at some Impressive new mobile hardware:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Phone: 4.3″ Screen, Dual-Core Processor, 116g, 1650mAh Battery
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: 10.1″ Display, Dual Core Processor
  • LG Optimus Pad: 8.9″ Tablet, OMAP4 Processor, 3D-Camera
  • Motorola Xoom Tablet: 10.1″ Display, Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM
  • Motorola Atrix Phone: 1930mAh Battery, 4″ Display, Dual-Core Processor
  • HP Touchpad Tablet: 9.7″ Screen, Dual-Core Processor
  • HP Veer Phone: 2.6″ Screen, 800Mhz Processor, 103grams
  • HP Pre3 Phone: 3.6″ Screen, 1.4 Ghz Processor

It’s amazing if you compare a 5 year old PC with today’s smartphones in terms of available computing power .. and you can carry that computing power around with you all day and hope that the battery will last.

On day two, i explored the software side more:

How can a phone possible replace a PC, a notebook or even a Settopbox for our TV? At the Motorola booth, i saw a possible answer:

The Atrix Phone can be docked to a docking station or even a notebook shell (just keyboard and screen). You then start a separate work environment on the Phone (called WebTop) that comes with a Browser, OpenOffice and other Applications. When the Phone is removed from the dock, the state of these applications is saved. When the phone is docked to a docking station connected to a TV, you can start the Entertainment Environment, which is basically a MediaCenter interface, but also running on your phone and controlled with a remote.

At HP’s booth you could also see interesting ideas how to interconnect different devices (Phones, Tablets):

– “Touch-to-Share” let’s you place your phone on your tablet and then the URL of the website that is currently open on your tablet is transferred instantly to the Phone. 

– After tablet and phone are paired and share the same account, you can read SMS received on the phone on the tablet or even make/receive phone calls on the tablet (routed through the phone)