PHP 5.4.0RC1 for OS X on

Just a quick note. I uploaded the first build of the Release Candidate 1 of PHP 5.4.0 to It works on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7. See the beta instructions for some info about how to install this. And keep on testing (and filing issues, if you find any)

Hey there, just wanna ask you a quick question.. What do you think the biggest advantages are when using a native php installation vs one through (for example) virtualbox?


The biggest advantage? You don’t need a Virtual Machine, which you have to maintain additionally to your host system.

That’s kind of disappointing. I guess it’s an hour or so of installing a vm but it might be worth it since a) when you go production, you will most probably do it on a linux box thus you are prepared; b) you got all the packages/extensions ever made, available, natively; c) apt-get update and snapshots makes it easy to maintain; d) it’s sandboxed:
test anything and throw it away if you don’t like it; .. etc.

So, if the strongest point is maintainability, I think I’m better off without it but I’m open to other suggestions.


@Carl: There are not really any more reasons than not wanting to use a VM. If we wouldn’t have this installer, we might have standardized on VM’s already. We may still some day, but right now it does the trick.

That being said, some teams are using VM’s already in order to test against some obscure legacy setups or ancient PHP versions (thank you very much RHEL5).

@Lukas: RHEL 5 is exactly what I’m stuck with as well :/