Open innovation day in Zurich, 26th June 2014


Rooms subject to change.

The past 7 years we’ve been able to grow as a company thanks to many awesome people. We allow Liipers to organise themselves in teams and squads around topics and projects. Every month at an “Innovation Day” respectively “Hackday” we are challenging and learning from each other. Liipers set up topics and goals, everyone can join to help reaching them.

On the 26th June 2014 we’d like to invite you to join us. Experience live how we develop skills and competences. Learn something new, get another perspective. Be open! Below we list the topics and goals Liipers have put on the program so far. If you’d like to join, please register. We’re looking forward to learning with you!

And after that we’re celebrating the grand opening of our new office with food, drinks and an awesome Liip party!

Day Program

A digital solution for HR talent management

9 am–4 pm, Nadia Fischer and Liip’s UX-guild, register here

How to match profiles of talented employees with open positions within the same company? We want to build a paper prototype of an interface that allows two-way talent management within large companies. The workshop is divided into slots: 1. Requirements definition; 2. Prototyping on paper; 3. Presentation of outcome. Attendance per individual slot is possible. virtualized environment

9 am–4 pm, Christian Stocker, Kai Gerszewski, register here

Docker is an easy, lightweight virtualized environment for portable applications. We want to look into it with the goal having a generalized setup at the end of the day, which we can use in our projects. People not knowing at all are very much welcome (only requirement: You should now how to open a Shell and type in commands there).

Hacking the arena lights

9 am–4 pm, Colin Frei, register here

The arena is our space for talks, meet-ups etc. in the basement of our new office. We ordered 25’000 individually addressable LEDs to bring light into it. Our goal is to do something fun with them!

Wit.AI natural language API + Laravel 4 ordering system

9–12 am, Donato Rotunno, register here

We will build a prototype app using the Wit.AI Natural language API and the Laravel 4 framework. The application will allow a registered user to order things from a fictitious webshop and submit the order. All this without touching the keyboard, mouse or screen.

Scrum curry for lunch

9–12 am, Andreas Amsler, register here

After 3 hours of workshops, talking and hacking all folks will be hungry. Our challenge is to prepare an awesome Curry for about 60 people using only two hotplates. How do we succeed? Let’s scrum! Some requirements we find in the Curry-“Topftipp”, released under “The pizza-ware license”.

Agile – to be, or not to be

1–4 pm, Daniel Frey, Efthimios Toulas, Timo Bezjak, register here

What coins an agile attitude? Where do we work in the agile sense? We are free to touch subjects like team dynamics, return of investment, agile contracts – and we drive the workshop by our own interests. We train our agile mindset, reveal contradictions and raise questions about how to improve our work.

Competencies, Goals, Compliance: Company learning with Totara LMS

1–4 pm, Didier Raboud, Kevin Mueller, register here

A look at how we use the Totara learning management system to structure further education and training at Liip. Draft improvements to the Liip education strategy. Draft integration of talent management from the “A digital solution for HR talent management” slot.

Jackrabbit Oak with MongoDB and Symfony CMF

1–4 pm, David Buchmann, Lukas Kahwe Smith, register here

Jackrabbit Oak is the next generation in content repositories. Jackrabbit not only powers such CMS as Adobe AEM and Magnolia, but it is also compatible with Symfony CMF. Jackrabbit Oak only recently got its first stable release. We will setup Oak together with the new storage option MongoDB and test it together with the Symfony CMF.

Open business data

1–4 pm, Andreas Amsler, François Terrier, Stefan Oderbolz, register here

We will explore some of Liip’s business data, sketch and build simple applications using the data. What benefits, what values are we able to unleash? What issues do we have to solve regarding privacy, ethics etc.? You are invited to bring your own business data, too. What you need to bring for sure are curiosity and scepticism. A good read: fellow-Liiper Reto Hubmann’s thoughts about “Small Data”.

Evening Program

After the hackday we invite you to experience live another of Liip’s key success factors: Party!

4.00 pm – Apéro

5.00 pm – Champagne Tasting

5.30 pm – Official Office Opening

6.00 pm – Barbecue

7.30 pm – Party

Ich komme gerne an die Party. Danke für die Einladung! Wird es auch eine Gelegenheit geben, die Ergebnisse der Workshops anzuschauen, z.B. von “Wit.AI natural language API + Laravel 4 ordering system”?

Lieber Gruss,

Wir haben vor, dass es dann Blogposts zu den einzelnen Workshops gibt.