This blog is now faster than ever

After we changed silently to using WordPress a few weeks ago for this blog (from the ageing Flux CMS software), we now also upgraded the server software to the latest and greatest versions. We finally use HHVM 3.6, nginx with SPDY 3.1 support, deliver everything in SSL only (but of course redirect from port 80), updated our certificate to use SHA256, disabled all “known-as-weak” ciphers and protocols (sorry IE 6 users), do OCSP Stapling and even send an HSTS header for being extra secure. We also switched to a server not on the edge of the continent anymore and deliver it additionally via IPv6.

With all that, this site should be faster and more secure than ever. Enjoy!

(We also applied the SSL/SPDY settings to, so you may enjoy a better experience there as well)

Liip related services

Interresting. I think you could easily max to 100 your cipher strengh support and get an A+ rating from Qualys simply by switching to another CA which does not have a weak key in Firefox store. But this is just for the fun of getting an A+ from Qualys.
Good job !

I played around with ciphers and decided it was not worth it right now, in the end I stuck with what mozilla recommends for an intermediate profile here:

And our cert is expiring in eleven months, then it’s time to get a cert without a weak key at the end. For now I think it’s good enough

But thanks for the feedback

Good idea! Earlier I used to have some issues with your blog. Now it runs smooth, I hope it will be like that permanently, as I do not have the fastest Internet connection in the world. Congratulations on another success! And as it is my first comment here – thanks for all your work and interesting articles.

Cool. Now let’s try to be on the bleeding edge ;)

Excellent job guys. You are always on top of the latest trends in technology and your work is a continuous source of inspiration.

Keep pushing the great stuff :)

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