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Is corporate communication in self-organized companies still needed?

When we decided to move forward into self-organization, I often heard, that corporate communication and marketing no longer will be needed. Self-organized companies would work much more transparent and open, are purpose driven and therefore, fulfill real market needs. Cool! I love being transparent and never have been one of these marketers building castles in the air. But will my daily work really be obsolete? I decided to find it out.

Different approaches of self-organization

As a parallel to working at Liip, I was doing my master’s degree, I used the question in the title to write my thesis[1] about. But where to start? I decided to go for Laloux’ Reinventing Organizations as this was the book mostly talked about at Liip.

With further investigation, I found other approaches like Heyse & Erpenbeck of Malik. Keeping things short, here’s an overview of these 4 approaches:

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Falling Barriers or how to hack IKEA

DIY – abbreviation for do-it-yourself as well as the style of new luxury!
How do designers deal with this trend? How can companies benefit? These questions were the basis for the round table Digital Shift in March 2015, located @Liip.

Actually, easy-to-use digital tools in various application areas aren’t completely new. Even when I was twelve or thirteen, I built my own Website with Beepworld. I have to admit that it looked terrible and no company would build its website with Beepworld. But hey, that was in the early years of the 21th century!

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Landscape of Banks

Yesterday, in line with the campaign #mapthebanks, a bunch of opendata interested people met at Liip Zurich. Organized by OpenCorporates in cooperation with and Open Data Zürich, we discussed about mapping companies – not just for banks, also non-financial companys like Monsoon Accessorize or Facebook. But how should this work?

Actually it’s just a simple idea of bringing existing information in a visual context – creating a systemic view. So no one needs to read through all the documented company information on or other sources and build the connections itself. An impressive example is the universe of British Petroleum (BP). I had no idea about all the existing connections in the BP Company! Do you know, how many affiliate companies belongs to the BP Universe? Have a look:

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