Learnings from my sabbatical: the need to let go

A year in sabbatical taught me many things, about life, family and culture, and also about work. We went through different steps, just like during an innovation project. For me, remaining a beaming Liiper goes hand in hand with a beaming private and family life. This resulted in following our family dream, leaving everything else behind. For a while.

When I joined Liip in 2010, as one of the first “Romand”, I had the task to expand Liip’s activities to west (french speaking) Switzerland, with the great challenge of opening a new office and creating a new team there. New horizons, new persons, an avidity for advancing towards the unknown… the perfect challenge for the entrepreneur-type-of-me :)

After a challenge, follows another

Fast forward a few years later – mid 2015 – the Lausanne office counts 20 Liipers and runs well – mostly without my help anymore. This is surely due to our efforts to bring the company into self-management, added to the fantastic team of Lausanne Liipers that joined me in our everlasting commitment to build the best products for our clients.

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When is open source really Open Source?

There’s a new Swiss CMS on the market (or at least I only lately heard about it), called Contrexx. They claim to be Open Source all over the website. But if you look closer, although you can download the source code for free, you’re not allowed to build commercial (like company) websites with it. If you want to do that, you need a commercial license, which is not really cheap for such a system (IMHO). Here’s the actual Open Source license in German only.

I don’t care about their business model. I’m fine with charging for software. But if they say, their CMS is Open Source (mind the capital letters ) and it actually isn’t in the traditional sense (OSI definition), it’s cheating. Just providing the source to your program and then make big restriction on using it, is not what the Open Source Community had in mind and not what the potential user expects, anyway.

It’s certainly a good move they opened their source code and are allowing everyone to download it. I encourage more companies to do so. It just bothers me, that they call this “Open Source”.

BTW, the demo looks nice, but I basically just clicked through for a few minutes, so I can’t give an in-depth opinion about it.

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/me at LinuxTag

Next week is LinuxTag and I’ll be there, of course. I’ll host part of OscomTag on Wednesday afternoon and we’ll certainly also be there at the LAMP-Area on Thursday and maybe Friday.

If you have questions about BxCMS, Bitflux Editor or general questions about PHP (and XML), that’s your chance to get the answers and demos in person. Besides meeting a whole bunch of the PHP and MySQL creme-de-la-creme :)

If you have specific questions already now and would like to make an appointment there, just drop me a note and I’ll get in contact with you.

Hopefully see you there.

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OscomTag at LinuxTag

From Sandro:

Als Teil des LinuxTag 2005 wird es einen sogenannten OscomTag geben. In seinem Rahmen findet eine Konferenz zum Thema Open Source CMS statt. Ausserdem werden einige bekannte Open Source CMS Projekte in einen freien Stand des LinuxTag ausstellen.

There will be an exhibition of Open Source CMSs, presentations and a “podiums discussion”. They are still looking for talks and if you have an Open Source CMS to present, get in contact with the organizers.

We will almost certainly also be there with BXE, BxCMS and give away Freeflux accounts ;)

More information can be found on the german OSCOM site.

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BXE 1.0.0 released

Finally, after over a year of developement, we are proud to announce the completely rewritten BXE 1.0.0. See What’s New to get an overview of what was improved since the “old” Bitflux Editor.

The 1.0.0 release contains a lot of bugfixes compared to the 0.9.x series, therefore we highly recommend an update. Shouldn’t be a big pain, as it’s fully backwards compatible.

We’d also like to thank the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich and Wyona, who made this possible at all.

The changes since the last RC2 are the following:
– Fixed problem with changing block elements, if there’s only one
– Fixed “disappearing image” when on last position and hitting return
– Fixed CleanInline for nested inline styles
– Fixed horizontal scrolling on paste

The full Changelog since 0.9.3 can be seen in the NEWS file.

We’re already working on the 1.1 release, which will bring some new features and hopefully will be released at the end of this month.

BXE 1.2 is also already in the works with a new XSLT renderer for using your XSLT files instead of pregenerated XHTML. No release date for that yet.

Nevertheless, we will further maintain the 1_0 branch. Critical bug fixes will be also applied to that branch and eventually 1.0.x will be released.


BXE 1.0.0RC2 released

Due to some decent changes in the “inline style applying” code in BXE,
we’re “forced” to release another RC. But it should be less error-prone
nowand it’s even less code, therefore easier to maintain. Get it from
the download section.

But we fixed a lot of other stuff also, see the list below

And we finally switched from Apache-1.0-style license to the Apache Software License 2.0. Promised since a long time,
finally did the actual transition

Changes since 1.0.0RC1:
– Removed “Document Saved” popup and moved message to statusbar (r952)
– Rewrote Inline Style applying/removing code. should work better now (r967)
– Fixed making list in table cells (r958)
– Fixed editing class attribute on newly inserted XHTML nodes (r950)
– Fixed cleaning nested inline tags (r945)
– Fixed problem with xml comments within an editable node (r942)
– Fixed problem with elements during copy&paste (r936)
– Fixed jumping around of page during paste (r933)
– Changed license to Apache Software License 2.0 (r939)


F.U.D. trailer available

As mentioned in an earlier post,
wyonapictures is currently doing a movie about the Open Source
Movement. They made already a trailer (which was shown at ApacheCon), even if the film is far from
finished (AFAIK). I made a torrent out of it, so that we don’t
“slashdot” the poor wyona server ;) Here’s the torrent
file and please seed for some time (but I don’t expect that much of a
“slashdotting” anyway… ), as you always should with torrents.

It’s worth watching by the way.

Tracker provided by Andreas from delicate.ch.

BXE 1.0.0RC1 released

I was fixing a lot of bugs the last days and weeks for BXE, and we think, it’s really close to a 1.0.0 version. Therefore we just released BXE 1.0.0RC1. Get it from the download section.

We’re already working on BXE 1.1 and have added some great new features. See the NEWS file, for the latest additions. And of course, the Roadmap for the soon to come features. If you’re interested in those new features, just get the snapshot from the download page above and try them out.

And to make this announcement complete, here’s the list of fixed bugs and added excitements to BXE 1.0.0RC1 since the 0.9.6 release:

  • Added “Move up/Move down” for elements to context menu (r851)
  • Added possibility to insert children of a editable area root node
    (even if there are no elements in editable area) (r851)
  • Added valid RelaxNG attribute checking on root nodes.
  • Improved checking of attribute-values against RelaxNG (r859)
  • Fixed an issue with TextNodes in Mozilla 1.8 (r844)
  • Fixed wrong detection of empty tablecells (prevents adding unneeded
    spaces) (r849)
  • Fixed applying non-xhtml inline style to whole paragraphs (r857)
  • Fixed deletion code in inline elements (preventing deleting too much) (r860)
  • Fixed applying inline styles over several paragraphs (r861)
  • Fixed deletion of table cell, if it contains a paragraph (r867)
  • Fixed problem with wrongly inserting new elements on hitting enter (r884/887)
  • Fixed issue with attributes in the xmlns namespace (by Niklas Therning) (r896)
  • Fixed plugin loader code for loading more than one plugin (r909)
  • Fixed a infinite loop condition during buildXPath() (r919)
  • Fixed insertIntoHTMLDocument() to not insert more AreaPointer and Widgets
    after first call (prevents slowdown on undo/redo) (r920)


BXE Wishlist

BXE 1.0.0 will be released very
soon. And we’re already implemented some new features for the soon
after 1.1 release. But for now, we want your input as well:

What do you like to see in BXE in the future?

We’re really interested in your opinion, so don’t hesitate to write
down whatever you want in BXE. Here in the comments or even better on
the BXE users mailinglist, where some discussion is already going on. Little stuff will maybe make it into 1.1. And we will update the roadmap accordingly for the bigger ones ;)



Under the influence of the patent system and big industry lobbyists, the European Union is on the verge of making a huge mistake: to pass a law that would legalize software patents.

More at NoSoftwarePatents.com (and better legalize other things ;))

Via Georg