The Only Question To Answer At The Daily

How awesome is your Daily Scrum? Does it fall flat or does it launch the day, generating energy?

The Daily Scrum is to me the most important meeting of the day. The impact of this super short gathering is immense. How many times did we discover that we weren’t on the right path, that two people were actually working on the same task, that oh, yeah, it’s actually quite cool to talk to each other!

I could write pages and pages of key moments that happened during the “Daily” that saved us from actual (or future) difficult situations.

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Harry talking about PHP Security

Part of the audience (yes, we had just enough chairs for all :) )

At approx. 8pm, we’ll head to Rossi, so if you want to be spontanous, everyone’s still welcome.

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Just a reminder and I’m too lazy to write something by myself, so I just copy Harry’s mail (and everyone’s still welcome):

I didn’t count the chairs we can get a hand on tomorrow, but you can come “unannounced”, even if you don’t bring a chair :) And if you come by car, much luck in finding a parking space :)

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