Counting people on stairs – or IoT with a particle photon and node.js

In this article I will show you in 3 easy steps how to actually get started with an IoT a project build with a particle photon and a node.js server in order to have your own dashboard. I admit, IoT is a bit of a trend these days, and yes I jumped on the bandwaggon too. But since visiting the maker faire Zürich I have seen so many enthousiastic people building things, it has also motived me to also try out something. Thats why I decided to count the people that are running up and down our stairs at Liip. Follow along if you are – like me – a total noob when it comes to connecting wires but still want to experience the fun of building IoT devices.


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One day with NodeJS

I spent last Friday in the mood of the innovation with a few other liipers. So we had all day long to explore a new technology, something we had never tried before. The main purpose of this hackday was to implement a simple REST API based on NodeJS providing a list of images taken randomly from the world wide web.

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Introduction to node.js at Webtuesday

At this weeks WebTuesday in the AdNovum offices in Zurich I presented node.js, the much talked about framework for writing event driven servers in JavaScript. It’s an interesting approach to develop asynchronous applications with completely non-blocking input/output without the headaches this usually involves. From our perspective it’s especially an interesting tool to develop the server side of Comet-like applications in a language that most developers are already familiar with.

You can find the slides containing an introduction to event loops in general and a few code examples on

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