Death of Spam 2.0?

We don’t like Spam 2.0 and we did our part lately for better declaration of paid stuff. And since last weekend, Google doesn’t like it either and is penalizing webpages, which sell text links or paid reviews. Matt Cutts apparently always warned about selling links without proper usage (like rel=”nofollow), but since the last PageRank update of Google, it looks like it indeed happened (but in general, PageRanks fall and raise all the time and as every other SEO will tell you, is not important anyway :) )

Is this the beginning of the end of Spam 2.0? If you need a high PR to get good money with textlinks, but your PR falls if you do that (and your search engine position with it), it’s maybe a lot less interesting for the average and self-respecting site owner to do it. And if you do it correctly (with rel=”nofollow”), your clients don’t get any linklove anymore and paying for them doesn’t look that attractive anymore …

But maybe it’s just a big plot by Google, so that everyone will use AdSense in the future, since that certainly won’t have any decrease of your PR as consequence (but also doesn’t generate linklove for the advertiser). It’s certainly not only for the love of humankind Google does such things.

Via Markus Tressl

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Akismet false positives?

It happened to Jerome last week here, now it happened to me too on leu’s blog: a comment declared as spam by akismet (I just had a link to a Bitflux Blog article in it and Jerome’s was unsuspicious too).

Anyone else experienced such problems? Would be too bad, if akismet is getting less reliable…

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Context-related spam comments

After it seemed that the comment spam problem was somehow getting under control (I don’t have hard figures on that, but most blogs I visit seem to have good enough anti-spam techniques in place), we have now context-sensitive spam comments… An example which was made to my last post:

So now what? Have you bought the Eye TV or are you still planning for that? Otherwise thnx for the information as I was just palnning to either upgrade my system or Looking in to buy a TV.

Keep up the good work!!

Ok, “keep up the good work” was very suspicious, and the link to some hormone website on the URL field made it pretty clear. But apart from that? It’s totally related to the post, he even asks me a related question, so that I may feel obliged to answer and it doesn’t have dozens of links included, etc..

This was obviously a manual job, therefore none of the anti-spam techniques (except URL blacklisting) helps here. I am maybe getting 3-4 such comments in a week, so deleting them is, thanks to our one-click-deletion links, not much work. But if that increases, it could get really annoying, especially because you can’t detect them as spam on the first spot. OTOH, all those comments are so meaningless, even if they weren’t spam and are somehow context-related, I don’t have a problem deleting them. If you have nothing new to say, just don’t comment :)

Maybe akismet is faster/better in detecting those comments (’cause of more widespread URL blacklisting collection or sth. similar), should check it some day.

PS: We don’t have a spam problem in general, our system catches maybe 99.5% of all spam comments (without using captchas, btw), it’s just those manual spam comments which are worrying me a little :)

Update: Shame on me :) The comment form didn’t work, ’cause I black-listed this comment itself out… ( was blacklisted, which matched on spam-comments in the url). Great. I improved now my regexes and will also improve the referrer-black-lister itself. Sorry for all those who wanted to comment.

Update II: Implemented akismet into Flux CMS and already it already caught the first hand crafted spam comment. cool stuff :)


Spam of the day

This came in via our contact form (not via email, so they really went to our page manually):

Hi my name is *** *** and I’m with Hannon Hill. We are a Content Management Software Company based in Atlanta and I wanted to know if you are currently using a web content management system (CMS) at bitflux GmbH? Do you mind if I send you some more information about Hannon Hill? In addition, I would be happy to schedule a time where we can show you a free live web demo about how our CMS software works.

Thanks and yes, even though it’s nowhere really mentioned on our webpage, we are using a web content management system :)